Empowering Future Water Leaders

A Conference for Young Leaders, by Young Leaders

Contribute to the Programme

A conference by and for young water Professionals, means there is an opportunity to submit your work to contribute to the programme, by submitting an abstract and or workshop. For detailed instructions read here, and submit before 15 October 2018

We would like to invite all young, inspiring water professionals to join us at the 9th International Young Water Professionals Conference (IYWPC). This conference will empower you to progress further in your water career.

With a multi-disciplinary programme of technical sessions, workshops, learning sessions and networking events you will gain connections, develop yourself professionally and gain recognition for your contributions.

The conference will provide a unique combination of programmatic content that will appeal to young academics, early career, and advancing professionals from all disciplines and all types of organisations in the water sector.


30 Apr 2018

Start to Submit Abstracts, Workshops, Learning Sessions

Approach supervisor employer with a costed proposal to attend.

15 Oct 2018

Deadline Abstracts and session proposals

If costed proposal was unsuccessful, you have to start applying for funds now

Dec 2018

Registration Opens & Authors Notified

Have you secured funding yet?

1 Feb 2019

Full paper Deadline

Yes! Funding Secured. Register, book flight and arrange visa.

1 Mar 2019

Early Bird Registration

Authors and organisers deadline for registration

Apr 2019

Authors: submit your presentations

Attendees: you are off the hook, let the draft programme inspire you

Jun 2019

Plan your week!

Programme Committee

The Programme Committee – all young water professionals – is responsible for the content of the conference and ensuring that the high standard of previous IYWPCs is maintained and meets the needs of the international water sector. They decide the balance between technical sessions, workshops, learning sessions and networking events. As part of the conference programme, the keynote speakers and their topics will be decided by the Programme Committee.

  • Chris Degroot – Canada (chair)
  • Arlinda Ibrahimllari – Albania
  • Elena Torfs – Canada
  • Federica Brenner – Argentina
  • Loga Veeraiah – Malaysia
  • Muriel Dumit – USA
  • Niels Mamose Askjaer – Denmark
  • Pabel Cervantes – Mexico
  • Pankaj Chowdhury – Canada
  • Suvritha Ramphal – South Africa
  • Xiaoyuan Zhang – China

Advisory Committee

Building our Future, Together

  • Patricia Bakir – Jordan
  • Tobias Barnard – South Africa
  • Jo Burgess – South Africa
  • Peter Cornel – Germany
  • Günter Langergraber – Austria
  • Brian Macintosh – Australia
  • Gertjan Medema – Netherlands
  • Gustaf Olsson – Sweden
  • Henry Roman – South Africa
  • Marion Savill – New Zealand
  • Michael Storey – Australia
  • Peter Vanrolleghem – Canada
  • Uta Wehn – Netherlands
  • Kevin Winter – South Africa

Join us in Toronto!