A soft skill learning session to build leadership

Why submit a proposal for a soft skill learning session?
Submit a proposal for a soft skill learning session if:

  • You are keen to promote your learning, training or education programme or tool amongst a large group of the next generation of water leaders.
  • You are keen to build the capacity of a group of multi-disciplinary young water professionals by teaching them a new soft skill.

Who can submit a proposal for a soft skill learning session?
An organisation or an individual with proven strength in delivering training or learning sessions to develop soft skills.

How to submit a soft skill learning proposal?
Read the guidelines and fill out the template as accurately as possible, and submit to iwaywpconference@iwahq.org before 1 April 2017.

Which topics are best suited to a soft skill learning session?

The soft skill learning sessions should at minimum develop skills to “Build Leaders”, the conference theme. We have used polls to gain an understanding of the needs for soft skill development within our YWP network, and request you to submit a proposal focused on one of the following:

What Submitters Pay?
Every organiser (and its facilitators) is required to register as a paying delegate. IWA and WISA YWP members are eligible for discounted registration fees. Organisers are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

The venue comes at a small fee and we have limited funding available to support these venue costs. You can apply for funding for the venue cost in the last section of the submission template.

How are soft skill learning sessions selected?
The Programme Committee will review soft skill learning session proposals on the basis of three key criteria*.

1.Facilitation is based on interactive learning or learning by doing (30%)
Two-way and interactive learning methods. Examples of interactive learning: case based exercises, individual or group exercises, inquiry-based learning, role playing, scenario planning, hands on learning, learning-by-doing, experiential learning, demonstration on-sight and simulation.
2. Learning objectives are clearly defined (30%)
Clear description of what you want your participants to be able to do or demonstrate at the end of your session.
3. Organiser demonstrates capability (20%)
Capability in delivering training or learning sessions to develop soft skills.

*Other criteria (20%) are listed in the template

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