Deadline has passed (was 15 October 2018)

Call for Workshop proposals

We call for workshops with intensive and constructive discussion and activities with clear output which includes a consensus that can be reported, a clear course of action (or guidelines) for similar problems, a new research programme or latest technology outlined, a best practice agreed, a disagreement resolved (or at least more clearly specified!). We also highly encourage problem oriented case-studies as potential format for the proposed workshop.

Who can Submit?

A team of 2 or more individual professionals aged 35 and below. We will stimulate these teams to be cross-country.

What Facilitation Methods are Accepted?

  • Roundtable discussions
  • World Café Style
  • Individual/ group exercises
  • Case-study
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Panel discussion (only as part
    of opening/ closing a session)

What Topics are Suitable?

We call for workshops that ‘Inspire Minds for Creative Water  Ideas or  Solutions’ on:

  • Subject areas that are new, complex (problems), rapidly evolving, potentially controversial or interdisciplinary.
  • Emerging issues or early warning of future ones.
  • Latest technology or innovative research within water sector.

How to Submit a Workshop?

DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP TEMPLATE – The workshop template contains detailed guidance and a template format.  The template is compulsory for all workshop submissions.

WORKSHOP LENGTH – A workshop can be proposed for  90 OR 180 minutes.

WORKSHOP SUBMISSION   – Read instructions, and download template for workshops and submit workshop in English via email to by 15 October 2018

WORKSHOP SELECTION  – Your work will be reviewed by the  programme committee who will select the best workshops based on facilitation method, expected outcome, widely applicable innovative, complex, or controversial subjects. An indication on how IWA YWP members can be involved in organizing the workshop is also essential.

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