Preparing for the Conference Participation

There are several capacity development activities to support young water professionals submission process. We provide templates for abstract submissions and guidance material, templates and guidance for workshops, presentation templates and reviews of the powerpoints and posters, and full paper reviews. In 2017 we hosted a few webinars to provide more guidance

Past IYWPC webinars

The precongress webinars were enabled by:

Supporting the International Young Water Professional Conference

A series of pre-conference webinars of IWA’s International Young Water Professionals Conference (IYWPC) to capacitate young water professionals to make the most of their submission to the conference.

  • Abstract Writing
  • Full Paper Writing
  • Paper review and presentation design
  • Two Minute Thesis presentation and Poster design

The IYWPC Conference is the the Must Attend Event for young water professionals seeking career progression and professional development.

Two minute thesis and poster design Webinar from IWA on Vimeo.

Paper Review and Presentation Design Webinar

Full Paper Writing Webinar

Webinar Abstract writing

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Upcoming webinars

Supporting the International Young Water Professional Conference

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