About the International Water Association (IWA)

Water underpins every aspect of human and environmental existence. The severe water challenges facing the world today require an unprecedented global response. IWA members and staff are situated in 130 countries worldwide, forming the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water wise world.

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About the South African Young Water Professionals (YWP-ZA)

The South African Young Water Professionals (YWP-ZA) Programme is focused on bringing people working in or interested in the water sector together in a meaningful way. YWP-ZA is a network of people who are passionate about all aspects of water and its intrinsic linkages to people, economies, development, nature, dignity and life itself.

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About the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA)

The WISA vision is the promotion of professional excellence in the water sector, through building expertise, sharing knowledge and improving quality of life. WISA, your professional, comprehensive, independent, volunteer, water sector community institution, that provides diverse membership benefits, and support the Africa water sector in a representative and effective way. It strives to be an effective and efficient organization, subscribing to the principles of its memorandum of incorporation and complying with process of good corporate governance.

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Did you know

These conferences are run with the aim to provide an affordable and accessible platform for professional development and learning for young professionals in the water sector. The conferences are organised voluntarily by young water professionals for young water professionals. These young water professionals gain skills – organising, communication, sponsorship, project management, etc. – and build new professional relationships in the process.

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