Technical Tours

The following Two Tours are offered at additional cost on Thursday 27 June 2019

Tour 1 – Toronto’s Urban Ecosystem – $45 (includes transportation, lunch, and refreshments)

On this tour delegates will learn about the history and future of water and wastewater management in Toronto. The day will begin with a “Lost Rivers” walking tour through Toronto’s vibrant Beaches neighbourhood provided by the Toronto Green Community. This will be followed by a private tour of Toronto’s historic “Palace of Purification” – the RC Harris Water Treatment Plant and a visit to Evergreen Brickworks, a restored brick factory in Toronto’s Don River Valley that serves as a hub for community events and a demonstration space for innovative projects and startup companies.

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Tour 2 – Waterfalls, Wine, and Wastewater – $70 (includes transportation, lunch, and refreshments)

Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular attractions in Canada, but did you know it’s also adjacent to one of Canada’s best known wine regions? On this tour delegates will begin the day with a visit to the Oakville South West Wastewater Treatment Plant. The next stop will be Tawse Winery, a biodynamic winery in the Niagara wine region that employs sustainable winemaking and wastewater technologies, for a tour and wine tasting.  Finally, delegates will make their way to the City of Niagara Falls and given three hours to explore the falls and surrounding attractions.

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